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Featuring a robust zip-guided system, these blinds smoothly glide along vertical tracks, ensuring stability, effortless manoeuvrability and a sleek appearance - providing spaces with enhanced comfort and functionality.


With its characteristics in reducing light, heat, and UV rays,  ZipPro is ideal for outdoor areas like balconies, patios and verandas - creating a sheltered and private environment while offering protection against sun damage and maintaining cleanliness by keeping out insects, dust, and debris. ZipPro is equipped with motorised systems, adding an extra level of convenience and accessibility to the blinds with the push of a button.

Elevate your outdoor living with a peace of mind

Sun and UV Protection

Wind Resistant

Keep Rain Out


Prevent Pests

Pet Scratch Resistant



Smart Home Integration 


Expand Space

Why is ZipPro different? 


USA Phifer Fabric

Constructed with 15 to 20 percent tighter weave than standard screens, making it less prone to damage from wear and tear or external forces.


Reinforced Aluminium

Enhanced frame durability and resistance to various impact and ability to withstand a wide range of impacts and environmental challenges.


Stainless Steel Zip Grip

Superior strength and resistance to corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance even in outdoor environments.


A-OK Motor

Reputable German brand with the highest quality standard, ensuring longer lifespans with minimal maintenance requirements.


Zigbee Wireless Mesh

A mesh network that's highly adaptable and expandable with the flexibility to cater to large spaces with a simple installation process.

Care Guide for ZipPro

Remove dust and debris from the surface with a soft brush or vacuum, lubricate zippers if they become stiff to maintain smooth operation, and clean the tracks to prevent any hindrance in movement. For any minor stains, use mild detergent diluted in water, avoiding harsh chemicals that could damage the fabric. With these simple steps, you can preserve the ZipPro's quality and appearance, extending their lifespan for years of reliable use.

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