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Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds

There is a good chance you have stumbled upon venetian blinds when browsing through interior design websites in Singapore. This is no surprise considering that venetian blinds have increased in popularity lately due to their stylish design, alongside flexible functionality.


Venetian blinds can be easily recognized by their horizontal slats, typically made of fauxwood slats, which are suspended and held together by cords or strips of fabric. These blinds can be adjusted by tilting the slats to allow more or less light into a room, or they can be lifted completely to fully expose the window.

Venetian Blinds Singapore

What Makes Venetian Blinds so Special?

Venetian blinds are one of the most popular curtain options available in Singapore, and for good reasons. These are the benefits of installing venetian blinds in your living or working space:


  • Light Control: With venetian blinds, you can control the amount of light that enters a room. The slats can be adjusted to let in more or less light, depending on your preference.


  • Privacy: Venetian blinds also provide excellent privacy. Adjusting the slats allows you to block the view into your home without completely blocking out the light.


  • Aesthetics: Venetian blinds are available in a wide range of colors and materials, making it easy to find a style that complements your decor. They can add a touch of elegance to any room, and their simple design means they can accommodate many interior styles.


  • Durability: Venetian blinds are made from materials such as fauxwood, which is durable and long-lasting. They can withstand regular use and are easy to clean.

Venetian Blinds And Curtains Singapore

Care Guide for Venetian Blinds

Cleaning venetian blinds is simple. All you have to do is vacuum the fauxwood slats to get rid of dust. In order to maintain the appearance of your venetian blinds, we recommend cleaning them once every 2 to 4 months. Another option is to use a feather duster or soft cloth to gently wipe off the dust and dirt from top to bottom.

Venetian Blinds And Curtains

Everyday Curtains’ Venetian Blinds

At Everyday Curtains, we pride ourselves on delivering customized solutions to all clients. As such, our venetian blinds textures and colors can be tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences.


In addition, our venetian blinds are resistant to mold, moisture, and fading, which is especially important due to Singapore’s humid weather.

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