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Anti UV Window Film

Are you aware that ordinary windows only provide protection against UVB rays? It's noteworthy that UVA rays penetrate the skin more deeply than UVB, leading to skin darkening, aging, and wrinkles. Our NAKED window film stands out by effectively blocking 99.9% of UVA rays, ensuring your protection without darkening the room, thus keeping your home bright and airy.


Window Films

Meticulously engineered to offer superior UV protection, optimal light transmission, and efficient heat reduction.


99.9% UVA Protection

Achieve the perfect balance of shielding against 99.9% harmful UV rays while enjoying natural sunlight to the fullest in your living space.


Textured and Tinted

Our functional films not only ensure your privacy but also contribute to the aesthetic and comfort of your space. Embrace tranquility and style with our Blackout, Whiteout, and Sandblast Window Films.


UV, Light and Heat Reduction

The perfect harmony between light diffusion and a sun-safe interior ambiance. Legacy films offer a robust barrier against harmful UV rays, light reduction and external heat. 


Tailored to your needs

Elevate your living or working environment with our bespoke window films, designed to meet your specific requirements for UV protection, light filtration, and heat reduction.

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