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How To Know Woven Wood Shades Are For You

How To Know Woven Wood Shades Are For You

Nowadays, many homeowners are looking to bring a touch of nature indoors while doing up or revamping their interior decor. This is called biophilic design, and it is rightfully popular for calming the senses, improving physical and mental health, and increasing well-being, to name a few. A window treatment that can help you achieve this design is woven wood shades, otherwise called woven bamboo shades in certain countries.

These versatile window treatments combine style and functionality, suitable for homeowners seeking a unique yet natural look for their living spaces. To determine if woven wood shades are the right choice for you, continue reading!

1. A love for natural elements

It should come as no surprise that woven wood shades will be perfect for those who have a green thumb and are nature lovers. Since these shades are made from materials like bamboo, jute, and reeds, they add a warm, earthly texture to the interior. Their organic appearance can also infuse any room with a sense of serenity and harmony, making your space feel like a tranquil retreat.

2. Wanting texture and depth

As mentioned above, woven wood shades have the ability to provide organic textures to the space, which can’t be easily replicated by other window treatments. They create folds when drawn up like a roman blind, creating a three-dimensional effect on your windows, drawing attention, and making them the focal point in any room. If visual interest and a tactile design are what you’re looking to achieve, woven wood shades are just what you need.

3. Desire for versatility and uniqueness

One of the most significant benefits of using woven wood shades is their versatility. Whether you’re planning to do up a rustic, coastal, or even contemporary look for your living space, these blinds can adapt to any interior style effortlessly and complement well with many furniture pieces and furnishings. This rare gem in the market, effortlessly transform your home into a one-of a-kind oasis of natural elegance.

As such, the blinds can enhance the ambiance of many interior styles, from minimalist Scandinavian, Japandi, vintage, tropical, and many more.

4. Eco-friendly consciousness

More and more people are becoming environmentally conscious and are increasingly prioritizing the use of sustainable products. Considering that woven wood shades are made from sustainably sourced materials, they align with such values. Bamboo, for example, is a renewable resource that grows rapidly and does not feature fertilizer or pesticides in its production. Therefore, it minimizes environmental impact, in turn allowing homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint and create a greener home.


If these qualities mentioned above resonate with you, woven wood shades will no doubt be a versatile, eco-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing window treatment option that ticks all your boxes.

Woven wood shades are emerging in popularity around the world, and Everyday Curtains is proud to be the only supplier of these shades in Singapore. You can shop our collection of woven wood shades among our curtain blinds in Singapore, which can be customized to your preferred design preferences.



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