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Design Tips: How to Style Venetian Blinds Like A Pro

Venetian blinds are a beautiful way to spruce up your home. Coupled with their added functionality and convenience, they also come in a plethora of styles and colours for the discerning homeowner.

We can all agree that window coverings play a big part in elevating your home. The only thing worse than a bare window is one covered by accessories that clash with your interiors. Venetian blinds are thus designed to adorn these spaces and create a seamless transition between the outside and indoors.

If you have difficulty styling Venetian blinds, you’ve come to the right place as we provide some tips and tricks in styling this window covering like a pro.

1. Play with light

Venetian blinds are sturdy accessories that efficiently control light flow and privacy in your home. Opt for placing them on windows that receive a lot of natural light to maximise this opportune brightness while still achieving a softer glow when needed.

Venetian blinds feature a control mechanism that allows owners to adjust the horizontal slats’ positioning for a more focused or diffused look. Splatter your ceilings with speckles of light, or paint your floors with a warm glow by pulling the cords to your desired position to angle the light upwards, downwards, or straight on. The straight-on angle works best for utilising the incoming streams for a brightened space and a steady flow of illumination.

2. Sleek design

The characteristic horizontal flats on Venetian blinds offer a sleek modernism that can amp up any space - if styled right. These come in different materials like wood, fauxwood, and aluminium. A cosy, rustic room would pair well with the wooden slats, offering a warm feel that would invite anyone to relax in style. These wooden varieties often come with unique grain patterns that add character to a space.

For areas that attract high moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens, the fauxwood and aluminium blind varieties would add a sophisticated touch with the added functionality of withstanding the humidity. These also add a contemporary feel to spaces, coming in many hues for that pop of colour to liven up your rooms.

At Everyday Curtains, our fauxwood Venetian blinds are protected against mould, moisture, and fading. Their resistance to these elements makes them the perfect indoor solution to beautifying your homes for those looking to combat Singapore’s humid weather.

3. Curated styles

Venetian blinds offer versatility in their style, a trait that opens buyers up to redefining their own home aesthetics for cohesive looks. Blinds can be utilised for a charmingly elegant feel, a minimalistic modern approach, and even eclectic grandeur. Opting for rich tones offers a level of class that makes any room feel more sophisticated. Pair these with neutral and light walls for a good contrast that makes your eye for design known to all.

We also recommend pairing your blinds with drapes and curtains in soft and flowy fabrics for a dynamic design element. For complementary styles, find curtains and blinds that pair well with each other, incorporated organically with your interior theme. These combine both traditional and contemporary styles with Venetian blinds’ functionality and control.

4. Polish with pelmets

Pelmets are accessories that can add character to blinds. They are narrow borders of wood or fauxwood designed to fit the top of your windows to conceal the mechanical part of your blinds. This gives your windows a more polished look, with the coverings making your space appear streamlined and more refined. These also act as accessories that can tie your room together with styles that offer further customisation options with elegant draperies and clean modernism.


Venetian blinds are an excellent gateway into beauty with functionality within these staple home accessories. Blinds and curtains can make a room, and Venetian blinds offer truly versatile designs that fit any homeowner’s dream vision.

We at Everyday Curtains offer various options of blinds and curtains in Singapore, designed to fit any temperature and home and office design. Check out our catalogue here. For any inquiries, feel free to contact us at our website.



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