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Our Story

Everyday Curtains finds its origins in the search for the ideal window treatments. Disappointed by the limited choices in existing curtains and blinds stores, we decided to address the issue.

The experience of struggling to find suitable window coverings motivated us to bridge the gap, offering others the chance to elevate their living spaces with beautiful and functional window treatments.

Why is Everyday Curtain different?

In a world overflowing with choices, Everyday Curtains rises as a guiding light for distinction. Our company doesn't merely offer window coverings; it crafts sanctuaries of personality, aesthetics, and coziness within your spaces. Here's why Everyday Curtains shines brilliantly amid the competition:


A Curated Vision

Our modern curtains are more than just fabric; they embody the visions of Singapore's finest interior designers and stylists. With a focus on innovative designs and trendsetting aesthetics, we deliver window treatments that are a fusion of artistic expression and functionality.


Empowered by Reviews

Our commitment to exceptional service is underscored by the feedback of our customers. With over 500 positive Facebook reviews, Everyday Curtains is a brand backed by genuine customer experiences, demonstrating our dedication to delivering satisfaction with every installation.


Well Priced Products

Modest pricing isn't just a strategy; it's a reflection of our founder's personal values. We believe in making quality curtains accessible to everyone, without compromising on style or craftsmanship.

Designers we work with


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Don't take our work for it

Hear directly from our customers:

“HIGHLY RECOMMEND this amazing team. Very fast responses and applaud their professionalism. Set up was very clean and swift. Installation team was on time, which I love! Daniel was excellent in offering solutions for your specific needs. And of course, measurements and curtains delivered look perfect.”

- Elin Boh

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