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Ripple Fold Vs. Pleated Curtains: What Are The Differences?

Ripple Fold Vs. Pleated Curtains: What Are The Differences?

Home elegance comes in two forms: ripple fold curtains and pleated curtains. When dressing up your windows with these fineries, these two choices remain popular for their stylistic appeal and functionality. While similar in appearance, these two window coverings are unique in their own ways, and we’ll be exploring their differences in this article.

1. Construction

While these two curtain styles might look similar, their constructions are unique to each design. Ripple fold curtains have uniform, continuous folds giving them a minimalistic and luxurious feel. These are caused by their drapes that are sewn flat and hemmed in a S shape, giving these folds without pleating them. This can be great for both homes and commercial spaces that enjoy a light and airy feel to their interiors.

With pleated curtains, their form is characterised by crisp fabrics that create and hold distinct folds. These pleats are formed by folding the fabric back and forth at regular intervals for a more structured and tailored look. This exudes professionalism and sophistication in their allure, which makes pleated curtains perfect for formal interior settings. This grandeur can be further emphasised by doubling or tripling the pleats for more fullness and volume in the fabric. Where ripple folds looks like a wave, pleated curtains flow naturally like an river. Find out which curtain pairs well with your interior style.

2. Functionality

Ripple fold curtains are designed to give you a smooth and effortless operation. They glide along the tracks for easy pulling, making it convenient to draw open these curtains when wanting more sunlight or to close them when enjoying a dim atmosphere. Their continuous folds also make each ripple a uniform pattern, making them a perfect choice for those wanting a streamlined and neat appearance for large-scale modernism installations.

Pleated curtains are just as functional but require a bit more effort to perfect in your home. These pleats can differ in size and take more time to look cohesive, especially for large-scale fabrics - but they are very worth it when done right. The versatility of these pleated curtains goes unmatched. Owners can even customise each pleat’s thickness, layering between each fold, and make the overall look of the curtains appear grander with their personal adjustments. Memory shaping work exceptionally well with pleated curtains to retain their shape, and manoeuvring them can be made easier with additional hardware like rings and hooks for increased flexibility.

3. Maintenance

Ripple fold curtains are relatively simple to maintain. Their simple and continuous folds minimise the appearance of seams and creases for an easy care routine like steam cleaning. Gentle machine washing will suffice for some materials. Other fabrics may require dry cleaning due to their sensitivity to maintain their pristine condition.

Pleated curtains require a bit more attention. Dry cleaning is the way to go for this design, while hand washing is a good alternative for those wanting to save time and money as it can be done right in any home. Washing machine might be too harsh on these pleats. This retains the shape of the pleats, which could otherwise be damaged through machine washes.

Take into account these factors to determine which fits more seamlessly into your own routine for an aesthetic match that complements your home and your lifestyle.

4. Interior styles

Ripple fold curtains are fantastic additions to casual living and working spaces for a modern and contemporary feel. They are easy on the eyes, simple, and inviting. They excel when placed against large windows, floor-to-ceiling glass doors for added privacy, or expansive glass walls where their visibility can be increased or minimised through these curtains.

Pleated curtains do well in more traditional spaces. Dining areas, living rooms, and master bedrooms are ideal spaces to host these curtains. Owners can amp up the allure of these rooms with these pleated decorations, even when using them as partitions in the rooms or, for the adventurous, to frame artwork for a masterful design element.

Everyday Curtains’ Pleated Curtains blend polyester, cotton, and linen for a sense of grandeur and a homely atmosphere to your space. Our Rippled Fold varieties are formed through “S” shaped ripples, making their folds appear seamless and winding for elevated sophistication. Combined with the expert design touches, these add a sense of class to your interior.


Ripple fold and pleated curtains may look similar upon first inspection, but to the refined eye, their differences are immense. Get creative with using these curtains in your home and office spaces and utilise their designs for both aesthetic and functional appeal in your interiors.

We at Everyday Curtains offer various options of blinds and curtains in Singapore, designed to fit any temperature and home design. Check out our catalogue here. For any inquiries, feel free to contact us at our website.



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