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4 Techniques For Making A Room Feel Larger With Curtains

Good sunlight is the best way to make a space appear larger, and decorating your windows is the gateway to making your rooms look spacious and inviting. Curtains can elevate your space and draw attention to the windows as natural light sources. In addition, their versatility makes them a dynamic addition to any home. With so many ways to maximise this asset, here are some techniques to make your homes feel larger.

1. Make use of height

Hanging your curtains higher draws the eye upwards and immediately makes your room appear larger. We recommend placing your curtain tracks high above the window for the illusion of a taller structure. With more space to work with, the walls and ceilings appear higher and expand your space in a pinch. This works exceptionally well in living rooms and bedrooms where there is ample space to take a step back and appreciate this technique’s vastness, especially when sitting or lying down.

Play around with the height of the curtains and the placement of the curtain tracks. Don’t be afraid to go higher, even to test out your preferences, as long as the curtain itself conceals the window enough for a smooth transition from the outside to indoors.

2. Play with length

Long curtains can make or break your space. Utilise their length, especially in smaller rooms, to have a seamless style of window covering that extends the eye from the top of the windows down to the floor. This makes walls appear more elongated, avoiding an awkward cut that shorter curtains may cause.

Shorter curtains could accentuate the size limitations of smaller rooms. Combat this with long curtain styles that flow to the ground for the illusion of a room expansion. Curtain designs with vertical lines can make your curtains and room appear leaner, as it does on a dress. This translation into a taller feel will make any room appear more streamlined, with added space to move freely.

3. Brighten with colour

Play with colour for an expanded feel. Light-coloured materials will invite a lot of natural light into your rooms, making these spaces appear brighter and more open. Whites and beiges are safe bets, making your rooms appear more spacious and comfortably blending into any interior style for a smooth appearance overall.

Mix these with prints for a dash of fun, or opt for other colours entirely that still fit into a light-natured theme. Pale yellows, pinks, and light greens give your spaces a natural feel and dopamine kick while still making them feel roomy and open.

4. Materials matter

The texture of your curtains plays a big part in how they flow and appear to the eye of the viewer. Light and airy fabrics bring an elevated feel to your interiors. These would be perfect for those who prefer their curtains drawn - still allowing the sunlight in with the drapes down.

For those who like their curtains to be pulled to the sides, a denser fabric would provide a better hold, and the thicker material would frame your windows beautifully. These thick textiles offer an air of grandeur while maintaining that open and roomy feeling. It all depends on the aesthetic you’re looking for as a homeowner. Take into account when buying curtains your dream vision for your home, and you can never go wrong.


Windows are the soul of every room. Connecting the outside and indoors, any space can be made to look more spacious with the right curtains and an elevated style technique. Open up your rooms with the tips mentioned, and any visiting eye will know you’re an expert home stylist.

We at Everyday Curtains offer various options of blinds and curtains in Singapore, designed to fit any temperature and home design. For any inquiries, feel free to contact us at or WhatsApp at +65 9738 2627.



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