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Creative Applications Of Motorized Curtains In Unexpected Spaces

Creative Applications Of Motorized Curtains In Unexpected Spaces

Motorized curtains have long been associated with luxury homes and high-end hotels, offering convenience and elegance with the touch of a button. However, due to the latest technology in home and furniture design, they are increasingly incorporated into our homes, be it an apartment or luxury landed houses. What’s more, motorized curtains do not only have to be a window treatment. Listed below are just some of the unexpected spaces where homeowners can place motorized curtains, adding a touch of modernity to their living environment.

1. Closet entrances

It’s time to say goodbye to traditional closet doors, as motorized curtains serve as a stylish and practical alternative. You can start by choosing a curtain fabric that compliments your decor and offers the desired level of privacy. Afterwards, you can install the curtain track system at the top of the closet entrance. Your curtains will effortlessly open and close either by touch motion, remote, or voice control, depending on which you prefer. This accessibility conveniently reveals your wardrobe, especially in smaller homes where doors may be too space-consuming.

2. Kitchen pantries

Elevate the functionality and aesthetics of your kitchen pantry with motorized curtains. These curtains provide a convenient way to access pantry items while keeping everything hidden from view when not in use. Considering that these curtains will be placed in the kitchen area, we recommend going for moisture-resistant and easy-to-clean fabrics to ensure the curtains remain durable. It would also be good to integrate touch motion controls that automatically open the curtains. This makes cooking and meal preparation more efficient.

3. Book nooks

Create a cozy reading corner or book nook by using motorized curtains to section off the space. You will have a secluded and intimate reading area when the curtains are closed. When opened, the space can be transformed into an inviting part of the room that is perfect for social gatherings.

4. Art display

Turn your motorized curtains into a dynamic canvas for displaying artwork. Since a track system is installed, you can effortlessly change the appearance of your living space by switching out curtains with different prints or designs, giving your walls a fresh and engaging look. As such, if you like to refresh your home decor every now and then, this application offers a more cost-friendly and trouble-free solution.


As one can see, motorized curtains are highly versatile, extending far beyond their intended uses. From closet entrances to art displays, these modern solutions can transform your home or office into a space that seamlessly combines convenience and aesthetics.

You can find such home curtains in Singapore at Everyday Curtains. Our range of motorized curtains includes roller and Venetian blinds, and comes with a motorized system that is operated either by touch motion, remote, or voice control. Our systems are compatible with the majority of smart home providers and are powered by Somfy/AOK/Dooya/Zigbee. Contact us at or WhatsApp at +65 9738 2627 to enquire.



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