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4 Benefits Of Installing Zipscreen Outdoor Blinds

Zipscreen outdoor blinds are products of innovation. Made to complement outdoor living and dining, their alfresco design makes enjoying nature comfortable right at your doorstep. Zipscreen outdoor blinds transform outdoor spaces into cosy and protected natural living corners, and their benefits are aplenty.

1. Protect from outside elements

Outdoor spaces can be hard to utilise when the weather comes into play. Sunny days can mean harsh light ruining a relaxing day, and rainy weather could drench both your mood and furniture. Zipscreen outdoor blinds protect you from the elements by blocking out harsh rays and keeping the rain at bay to provide a calming outdoor experience for both you and guests you have over.

Protect your furniture (and yourself) by installing these coverings, and enjoy outdoor living at all times of the day. Never worry about a gathering being ruined by the weather again. The flexibility zipscreen outdoor blinds provide will make every function smooth and successful.

2. Keep insects away

The buzz of a hovering insect could easily ruin a relaxing lounge outdoors. Especially when outdoors, the threat of bugs infiltrating your living space is always present. Protect yourself from insects like mosquitoes and bees by installing zipscreen outdoor blinds and protect yourself from pests.

Save your outdoor living area from infestations and insect nesting with these coverings and protect yourself from pesky mosquito bites. With zipscreen outdoor blinds, your outdoor space will be transformed into a safe and protected sanctuary meant just for you.

3. Offer protection

An outdoor space is still part of your home. Maintain the same privacy you have indoors when you step outside. Zipscreen outdoor blinds give you the protection and privacy you deserve when lounging outdoors.

The shielding screen of these coverings keeps you safe from prying eyes and allows you to relax in comfort. Blocking out viewers while still letting you look out and enjoy the scenery, the visual flexibility of zipscreen outdoor blinds enables you to take in the serene outdoors while staying protected.

4. Made to be versatile

Outdoor blinds come with many benefits, as mentioned, but zipscreen outdoor blinds have a knack that sets them apart. Their motorised control gives you flexibility in how you want to utilise them. Set the screens at their lowest for maximum protection or pull them up a little and have a complete and clear view of the scenery while keeping direct sunlight at bay.

Zipscreen outdoor blinds were designed with this flexibility in mind. Having control over your personal preference for visibility and shade while keeping the process hassle-free makes these coverings the perfect outdoor accessory for your space.


Zipscreen outdoor blinds give you the function of personalised protection while elevating the aesthetic appeal of your spaces. These coverings are made to accommodate any preference for your outdoor lounging. Due to its benefits stated above, it’s no wonder that zipscreen is one of the most popular options for curtains in Singapore.

At Everyday Curtains, you can shop from a wide range of zipscreen designs – one of which is sure to fit the interior of every room. Our zipscreen can be easily installed, allowing you to be free of stress that usually comes with renovations.

For more information on our zipscreen or other blinds and curtains, feel free to visit us at our website here.



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