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  • Daniel Koh

Why Curtains And Blinds Are Essential For Every Room

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Few things throw people off more than a bare window. A beautifully paned window can be amplified by a gorgeous set of blinds or curtains. These window coverings add an air of aesthetic appeal to every home design and even functionality to your home. Pretty and practical, here are some reasons why curtains and blinds are essential for every room.

1. Stop direct sunlight

Regulate light in your room with the addition of blinds and curtains. The harsh sunlight coming in through windows increases the risk of burns and long-term skin damage. Controlling it with window coverings can regulate the brightness of your area and protect you from harsh rays. Coverings like Wabi sabi blinds and our organic lien series curtains are specially designed to diffuse light passing through for gentle illumination.

Controlling sunlight that streams in also protects your furniture and keeps glares from disturbing your sleep.

2. Offer privacy

Plain windows can be too open for private homes. Curtains and blinds shield people from prying eyes on the outside, and the comfort and peace they provide are priceless. These coverings are suitable for any space, working perfectly in living rooms when lounging on the couch, bedrooms to guarantee a peaceful rest and even bathrooms for an extra layer of protection at people’s most private.

Whether in high-rise HDBs or landed homes, you can block out observers and enjoy your home space authentically with these window coverings.

3. Regulate temperature

Curtains and blinds are an easy and practical option to control humidity inside your home. In warm countries like Singapore, opt for breezier fabrics and blinds to keep your home as cool as possible by blocking out the heat. Choices like Venetian blinds are designed for humid conditions as their resistance to moisture and fading is perfect for hot seasons!

4. Budget-friendly décor

For a budget-friendly alternative to enhance the overall look of your room, curtains and blinds are great options that are both charming and practical. They come in a wide range of colours, patterns, and even materials, which means that they can be used to complement or contrast with the room's decor. They can also be used to create a specific mood or atmosphere in the room.

For instance, sheer curtains can create a light and airy feel, while heavier curtains can create a more cosy and intimate atmosphere. Similarly, blinds can be used to create a modern and minimalist look, or a more traditional and classic feel.


Curtains and blinds are great options for beautifying your home and adding functionality to every space. Their practicality will make home living a breeze. With temperature regulation and privacy protection always ready, their class and convenience are unmatched.

We at Everyday Curtains offer a variety of blinds and curtains in Singapore, designed to fit any personal style and home or office design. Check out our catalogue here, or feel free to contact us for inquiries.



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